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  • Antoine Whitaker
    Lamborghini Brand Manager
    866.980.2801 ext. 2802

  • Sean Welborn
    Business and Sales Manager
    866.982.8201 ext. 2115

    Born and raised in Maryland, Sean started his automotive career after retiring from the Navy in 1996. Through his 22-year in the industry, Welborn worked with a variety of luxury brands. He joined the Sterling Motorcars family 3 years ago. Sean has always been an enthusiastic fan of Lamborghini, as to him this brand symbolizes the Italian passion. His favorite model is Aventador SV. An Ironman triathlete and a competitive lacrosse player, Sean enjoys spending his free time with his wife Su, son Kai and daughter Kensley.

  • Amir H.
    General Manager
    866.982.8201 ext. 2005

    Amir started his career in luxury automotive sales in 1994 when he moved to the US from Europe. Amir believes that his mission as the General Manager of Lamborghini Sterling is helping his clients find their dream car and create unforgettable experiences. He values his relationship with the dealership's patrons beyond anything. He enjoys spending his weekends with his wife and two daughters. Amir believes that his mission as a General Manager of Lamborghini Sterling is helping his clients find their dream car and create unforgettable experiences. His hobbies are gardening and dining out.

  • Stefan Vrabel
    Sterling Motor Cars Service Director
    888.347.7168 ext. 2209

    For Stefan, working on Lamborghinis is not just a job - it is his true passion. Since his early age, Stefan was a huge Exotic cars enthusiast. He even had a Countach poster on his wall growing up. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Stefan started his pass as a technician 18 year ago and eventually worked his way up to a manager's position.  Stefan enjoys spending his days off with his wife and 4 kids. His hobbies are working on sport cars and attending and hosting car events.

  • Ryan Hoover
    Lamborghini Parts Manager
    888.441.9391 ext. 2307

    Ryan is originally from Winchester, VA. He has been with Sterling Motorcars for over 11 years. His favorite aspect  of his job is working with a variety of amazing cars and clients on a daily basis. Ryan strives to earn his customers' trust in order to establish a long-term relationship. He enjoys helping his clients enhance their ownership experience through customizing their cars with original Lamborghini accessories. Ryan spends most of his free time working on his classic cars.